Alky project dead?

A few months back, the Alky Project was announced. It got quite some attention in the media, blogs, etc., like this digg thread for example. The idea was the following: convert Windows binaries, so they would run on Mac and, in a later stage, on GNU/Linux. It was claimed that those converters were mostly working already, the only thing left was implement the libraries. This, of course, is an enormous work. But looking in its forum, the progress seemed there – the coders were actively working on it. The promises from the project’s founder were great:

My goal for the next 5 years is simple: Any piece of software, any platform you choose.

Now, however, the Alky website is dead. Since at least a week, until yesterday, it redirected to an apache “It works!” message. I was hoping the website was just temporarily offline, but now I’m more and more convinced the project’s dead. Which is a shame, really. Of course, there was never much hope this would work, but imagine if it did…

(If anyone has information about the project, if it just changed names or why it died or whatever, feel free to share.)



  1. jeff said

    I think the project is takin over by

  2. ludoa said

    Thanks jeff, the URL is dead at the moment, I’ll check it out later.
    Google does cache some of its pages, it’s indeed the same project, thanks a lot!
    Their homepage links to an announce group ( which is still called “alky project announcements” so it’s definitely the same thing – thanks!

  3. ludoa said

    It’s no longer open source unfortunately. There’s flash video on their site (also cached by google) which shows a game running on OS X. Seems slow, but it works… I’m very surprised they managed so much so quickly.

  4. Signaler said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Signaler.

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