Getting Word/Excel/Powerpoint to use centimeters instead of inches under Crossover Wine / CxOffice

(Just saw I still had this two-year-old write-up in my list of drafts, so I decided to quickly publish it in case this still helps anyone. Might be very outdated, though.)

Just a quick note, both as a reference for myself as for anybody else who runs into the same problem, as I can’t seem to find much about it on the ‘net.

If you’re using Crossover Wine, or Crossover Office (CxOffice) to run Word, Excel or Powerpoint, it’s possible that those apps are using inches instead of centimers (or the other way around, obviously). Under Windows, you’d go to “Control Panel”, then “Regional and language options”, but on GNU/Linux (or whatever system you’re using Wine on, I suppose it’s the same for BSD’s, etc.) you’re out of luck. This can be a problem when you’re opening Powerpoint files created using centimeters instead of inches which contain measurements, as objects show up at the wrong distance from each other.

Changing the region settings in the KDE Control Panel doesn’t affect it. You explicitly need to set locale environment variables. The variable to set should be LC_MEASUREMENT. However, setting this one to e.g. nl_BE.UTF-8 doesn’t help. Bizarrely enough, you need to set LANG instead.

This thread on a Crossover mailing list relates to the inch / cm problem.


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