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Moving from MD5 to Blowfish on Debian/Ubuntu

By default, Debian & Ubuntu use MD5 to hash your passwords. While this is relatively secure, using Blowfish instead is (much?) better.

As I’m not a cryptographer, I have no idea how much better it is. But switching is incredibly easy, and there are no downsides, AFAIK. Follow along… Read the rest of this entry »


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upgrade only vulnerable packages with apt

Since I’m using Debian Sid (unstable), every now and then, some stuff gets broken. I have no problem with that — using Sid, it’s expected behaviour. However, sometimes I *really* don’t have time for a broken setup, so I quit upgrading for a week or so.

The problem will be clear already to most: what with security-wise vulnerabe packages? What if that SSH version I’m not installing in fact contains a fix for a remote root exploit I’m not aware of?

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tora with oracle on debian/ubuntu — prebuilt package

I’ve received much more requests for the prebuilt package than I originally thought — apparently this problem affects many people. As such, I’ve put the .deb package online: you can get it here.

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tora with oracle on debian

Update: I’ve posted a new blog entry which contains the prebuilt package I mentioned.

Doing this is a mess. Oracle is non-free (as in freedom, not as in beer) so it can’t be included decently into Debian. It took me a few weeks to do is (not non-stop, of course, but I had to try it a couple of times). It’s a very a frustrating process — at least it was in my experience.

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