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Migrating data from Nokia E51 to HTC Wildfire S (Android)

Just a quick post on how I exported my data from a Nokia E51 and imported it to an HTC Wildfire S. This will mostly be a collection of links which show to transfer the different sets of data, but hopefully it’ll prove to be useful to others undertaking the same migration.


To migrate SMS data, the Android application “SMS Backup & Restore” was very useful. You can get it from the Android Market, but be sure to get the right one (as there are currently two apps with this name) — you need the one from Ritesh Sahu.

I followed the tutorial from to do the migration, and it worked perfectly.
For non-Windows users, there’s a tutorial on using gammu, but I haven’t tried that one.

There’s another howto which takes a different approach at, but I didn’t look into that one.


A lot of people are suggesting migrating contacts using Outlook. To me, that’s an annoying way to do it, and there many things which can cause it not to work (mostly the Nokia software not being able to work correctly with Outlook). It also requires to have one of the Nokia suites installed (and Outlook as well of course).

You can just have the E51 export the contacts to a VCF file (a standard file structure for storing contact information) and then import that VCF file on the HTC.

To import contacts, there’s a video explaining how to do it on The video is good until 3m06s — i.e. up until you get the contacts in a VCF file on your HTC. Then it wants you to install an unsigned application to import them, but it seems many HTC phones can simply import VCF files by default.

The video contains a comment from “roxygirl1892” which basically details the exporting (as shown in the video) and the importing using the standard HTC ‘People’ app:

1. On your Nokia go to Contacts
2. Go on Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark All
3. Go on Options > Copy > To Memory Card
4. Connect your phone to PC
5. Browse to /Other/Contacts/ on your phone’s memory card
6. Copy all the .vcf files to your PC
7. Connect your Desire to PC and mount as USB
8. Copy all the .vcfs to the SDCard (make a directory for neatness if you like)
8.5. (diconnnect htc from PC)
9. Open the People app on the Desire
10. Press the Menu button and select Import/Export
11. Select the Import from SDCard option
12. Select the Import All vCard files option
13. Ta-da!

Calendar items / TODO items
Still need to look into this. Many people suggest going through Outlook, but that’s not always possible. E.g. if you don’t have Outlook, or in my case because both Nokia Suite and Nokia PC Connectivity Suite fail to connect with Outlook.

Will update this post when I’ve found a proper solution for this. (Note to self: maybe

Images, audio files, etc.

They can be copied off the E51 easily by connecting it through USB and selecting the data transfer mode. Just browse around a bit to find them.

On the HTC, audio files can be stored on \media\audio. Images/pictures can be stored in \DCIM.


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