Alky project dead?

A few months back, the Alky Project was announced. It got quite some attention in the media, blogs, etc., like this digg thread for example. The idea was the following: convert Windows binaries, so they would run on Mac and, in a later stage, on GNU/Linux. It was claimed that those converters were mostly working already, the only thing left was implement the libraries. This, of course, is an enormous work. But looking in its forum, the progress seemed there – the coders were actively working on it. The promises from the project’s founder were great:

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tora with oracle on debian/ubuntu — prebuilt package

I’ve received much more requests for the prebuilt package than I originally thought — apparently this problem affects many people. As such, I’ve put the .deb package online: you can get it here.

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tora with oracle on debian

Update: I’ve posted a new blog entry which contains the prebuilt package I mentioned.

Doing this is a mess. Oracle is non-free (as in freedom, not as in beer) so it can’t be included decently into Debian. It took me a few weeks to do is (not non-stop, of course, but I had to try it a couple of times). It’s a very a frustrating process — at least it was in my experience.

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